You've Seen Other Printed Mugs But Not Mugs Printed On The Inside! Or The Bottom Or Handles

printing mug bottoms nobody does this but us
printing mug bottoms nobody does this but us
custom printed mugs with gal in pink shirt 1

Have You Seen Mug Printed On The INSIDE?

Paris Group Inc. our company only prints on porcelain, ceramic and some glass.

Printing on the front or "face of the mug". In full colour/color and we print in detail also, going up to 1200 dpi.  Not like screen printing that maxes out at about  250 dpi (dots-per-inch) we can get so detailed you can read "Merry Christmas" printed in small print on the inside of the mug.

We also print handles and inside mug bottoms as well as outside mug bottoms.

We have an entire website dedicated to our custom printed photo mugs printed on the inside - out (and handles and bottom printing too)


To view our full lineup of printed mugs click here:

We have no minimum order, so you can purchase a mug and design online this is a great tool for printing just one or two.

Our online tool is here: Printed Mug Online Design

We have many mugs to choose from. If you order from other online companies for mugs they will not give you all this:

  • Custom printing on an assortment of mugs, the other guys only have a C-Handle mug to get, we give you options and oh yeah, we also print on the C-Handled mug too.
  • Our print is glazed there's are not, so they will scratch off ours will not.
  • They can only print mugs on the outside of the mug but we custom print mugs both outside print but also inside print on the wall of the mug, and the handle (if you want) and both mug bottoms (inside & out).
  • If you need a few mugs like 6 or more and need them all different or somewhat different, you can email or call us and we can work out an order for you that is less than our online.


Call us 1 855 410 8797 ext. 1 or order your custom printed mugs for your board room or hotel/restaurant or gift.

Our mugs range from espresso 3 oz. or so up to our JUMBO which is 20 ounces.