Custom Printed Photo Square Plates

Here you can design your Custom Printed Photo Square Plates.  Square plates are hard to find without print generally. But now with your print they become one-of-a-kind and nobody else has your design or logo or artwork making our printing manufacturing work extremely rare and unique.

Here is our inventory of square plates and bowls, you can see it here.

custom printed square plate

Your Artwork or Photos On Square Plates & Bowls

We also print on a complete line of square dinner plates.

From 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch and up to 10 and 11 inch square plates. Consequently, we have a good inventory of square plates for printing, we dont always have all the sizes in stock.

Printing what you want on the Rim or the Face (middle of the plate where the food goes) or the underside (back of plate) .

Always Food Safe and Will not wear off. Dishwasher & Microwave Safe (all our custom printed photo plates are).

Folks looking for printed square plates can likewise look at rectangular platters instead.  Some artwork isn't so square rather its rectangular, so a rectangular porcelain platter may work better.

Custom Printed Photo Square Plates

Custom Printed Square Plates For Sailboat Race
Custom Printed Square Plate 10 inches

Personalized The Way You Want It

We can print large runs (we have dishware in large quantities) and also small runs of 1 or 2 plates - we have no minimum.

Custom Printed Cute Donkey On Square Plate
Happy Donkey On 8 inch Square Plate

These photo square plates are designed for gift shops.

A prayer of blessing, on 11 inch square porcelain dinner plate.

Food Safe Ink so you can eat off them and put into dishwasher but beautiful as well to display.

We sell the wall mounts and display stands as well.

personalized prayer on a square plate

Country Club Sells Custom Wedding Plates

and wedding couples create their own plates for the lifetime event.

Just give us the name(s) and photo or image and we can print it the way you want. Small runs about 2 weeks larger runs 3 or 4 to 5 weeks on average.  We also have "rush" orders.

custom printed square plate for country club
custom printed gift shop idea square plate

You can customize your own, or if you are interested in these "exact plates" contact us and ask for plates

Abid (on left) or Sandy (on right) and we will give you their contact information to order.

custom printed gift shop idea square plate

If you are looking for simply round rimmed plates you can see custom printed round rimmed plates here

If you rather round plates with NO rim then you can see our coupe plates which are more modern and again, have no rims.  See custom printed coupes here.


custom printed famous quote on square plate

Custom Printed Text or Quotes On Plates.

custom wedding image on face of porcelain square plate
personalized handwriting on bottom of square plate

Print on the square plate or platter and print in actual hand-writing (or printing) on the back of the plate or platter.  Nobody offers your own hand writing on plates but us!

custom text on back of personalized square plate

Also pictured (left) is a printed quote on the top of the back of the plate and then a printed logo of ours (or yours) Paris Group Inc. on the back of the plate too. As mentioned, you can have your corporate logo or artist logo (with website) can be printed on the back of the plate instead of ours - just ask, and what a great branding & marketing idea that is!

9939B-8.5 squareish side plate
9939B-8.5 squareish side plate

This is our Model 9939B-8.5 inch square (ish) side plate or also used for salad or dessert or sandwich.  These plates can be printed just on the face, which is less money or a larger print covering up the rim. (this cost more).

Square-ish 8.5 inch side plate. Model 9939B-8.5
Square-ish 8.5 inch side plate. Model 9939B-8.5

Custom Printed Photo Square Dinner Plates