Our Story: On How Paris Group Inc. became leaders in porcelain printing.


The Paris Group Story Of Printing Porcelain. We started just selling and distributing dishware (not printed, blank dishware) to restaurants and hotels. See our other website of the dishware we wholesale www.RestaurantDishes.net 

But we were getting calls for some of our dishes, plates, mugs and bowls to be printed.

Companies wanted their logos or design and make their own statement on their dishware.

After many years and hundreds of thousands of hours and money we open our warehouse and got the know-how and equipment and technology to print food safe and very durable ink on porcelain and ceramic. Not only dishware but tiles for murals and floors too! see www.PicturedTile.com for that!

Paris Group Story Of Printing Porcelain was a long sometimes difficult ride but here we are!

Our printed photo plates are dishwasher safe
Our printed photo plates are dishwasher safe.

Kiln Fired and Glazed for Durability

Before we can ship out our printed dishware or tiles or mugs, we have to fire them in one of our kilns and glaze them.

Glazed is basically melted glass that protects the image so that you can use the plates. All the plates you have at home or eaten off of at a restaurant (printed or not) are glazed.

So these gold-rimmed plates were done for Ed Sheeran and the launch through Spotify of his Butterfly song off of (at the time) his newest album.

These gold-rimmed plates would have finally cooled enough for us to open our kiln and start to carefully remove the plates and box them ready for Ed's party in NY.

These plates were 10.5 inch and this particular kiln would hold about 50 to 60 of them.  We have 3 kilns and they work to produce all the printed porcelain around here.

Paris Group Story Of Printing Porcelain and in this case many types of different porcelain.

Your artwork on plates, vases, cake plates, ashtrays, bowls, inside mugs or tiles would all go through firing and glazing as the last step before shipping.

Keep in mind this step of firing goes to very hot temperatures, some going to 2200F .  And during this kiln firing time is where you can have at times breakage or cracking.

See more of our gold-rimmed Ed and the Butterfly Album plates that we printed and how they were used.  Scroll near the bottom of the page.


Kiln Fired and Glazed Gold Rimmed Plates

Our Large Porcelain Printed Showroom. Where you can see our: Paris Group Story Of Printing Porcelain

Take a look through our showroom.

Some say inside is like a museum of many different jobs some famous and many unique.

For those in the Toronto area, come see one of the largest porcelain printed showrooms anywhere.