custom printed monogram on standard porcelain dinner plates


Or Want To Buy In Bulk?

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Can't find a photo?  Generally, pictures taken off webpages (like the ones on this page) are low quality in terms of printing. When we use them on your plate, they will be blurry and pixelated.

We have accounts with Adobe Stock Photo.  simply copy the "file name" and send to us and we can use it. Also, many phones take good enough pictures at their higher settings, they often can be used as well.

Step one

we need to know what kind of dishware (dinner plate, side plate, dessert plate, bowl, platter) we are printing on.

Need Ideas?

We have a huge website showing most of our inventory in dishes we print on.  (main site page)

These are all Royal White Porcelain:

Dinner Plates & Side Plates (to be printed)

Bowls of all sizes (to be printed)

Mugs also Cups & Saucers (to be printed).

Oval Platters & Square Platters (to be printed)

Hotel Line

Hotel Line (a bit heavier and dense plates compared to our Standard Royal White above.


Also Gold Rimmed Plates:  And Page 2 Gold Rimmed Plates

Also Bone China

Step two

what is your design or text?  Do you have artwork?

And where are we printing it on the plate or dish?

Logo on rim or band with logo on rim? Or the "face of the plate" the middle of the plate? Or on the back (underside) of the plate? Or all of it?

Step three

upload your photo's and contact information to us.

Can't figure it out? Call us 1 855 410 8797 ext. 1 and we will help.  If they are small enough files you can try to email to us.