What Does Pillsbury, Cotton Candy and A Test Have In Common?

We were approached by a company called Cotton Candy to see if our Printed Dishware Is Food Safe?

Because they have a customer, the famous Pillsbury food company that wanted our printed photo plates but had to be use-able and food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe too! You will find that our photo plates and printed dishware Is food safe and its not a bare pass but easily passes.

They asked us if we could send to a U.S. lab in Buffalo NY to have our plates tested (even though we've tested them before). It wasn't the plates but the printing on the plates that they and really everyone should know about.  Looking for lead or cadmium that helps printers get color stability and more vibrant  But at what cost? Lead could make you dead!  We do not print our full color dishware or tiles or bowls or inside mugs with lead or cadmium, the test results are all below.

​They wanted to pay for their own test but needed us to supply them with printed plates for the test, you can see the photos on the test results.

So we did, and you can see the test requirements and perfect results!

We've blanked out the email and full name of our client but you can see the entire full PASS here.

​No lead or cadmium and 100% food safe ink.  That is all you need to know...results speak results.

​The main page below really shows the "Pass" and the basics. The other 4 pages show more of the details.

We provided them with a full printed "test" plate with printing on the face and rim. The 10.5 inch Standard Rimmed Porcelain plates Printed, you can see lots of them here:  

Our Printed Dishware Is Food Safe

So you can see that our Printed Dishware Is Food Safe!  -Easily Passed!

All passed by an independent 3rd party lab out of Buffalo NY area.

Below was a photo of the printed plate for Pillsbury looked like, this was one of many.

Custom Printed Plate For Pillsbury
Custom Printed Plate For Pillsbury
Close up of printed plate for Pillsbury
Close up of printed plate for Pillsbury