From Small to Large we Have the Perfect Size for Your Personalized Bowls

personalized bowl lemon print

These bowls come large and small, you can see more of them here item 23 & 26

We print on them, and have even more bowls in stock that we print on - just ask!

Large Bowls with handles, printed (these with lemons) called "Saddle Bowls", all food safe ink. Note: this bowl is over 12 inches in length, they also come smaller and also come without handles.

We printed a lemon with a green leaf "IN" the bowl and also the company logo by the handle.

We surrounded the outside of the bowl with smaller lemons.

Of course not our only bowls and you can print your image/photo whatever you want!

These bowls (above & below) we call "Saddle Bowls" they come in various sizes, and with or without handles

saddle bowl with handles

The Saddle Bowls with handles come in sizes: 13.5 x 9.5 x 7 inches also . 10.5 x 8 x 6 inches, Smaller ones 8 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches and 6 x 4.5 x 3 inches.

saddle bowl no handles

The Saddle Bowls with no-handles come in sizes: 10.5 x 8 x 6 inches, Smaller ones 8 x 6 x 4.5 inches and 6 x 4.5 x 3 inches.

peronalized bowl with Native American design

Custom Printed Smaller Bowls 

We printed these bowls about 4 1/2 inches (as well as plates and mugs) for Skookum Catering in Vancouver (delicious and professional)

We took their logo and custom printed in bowls, and other dishware. Always, food safe and dishwasher & microwave safe.

Your logo for restaurant needs or just for a business lunch room or family or wedding gift. Large orders and small, we print them all!

Logos and Text on the back of bowls. Personalized​​!

We printed these bowls and plates with a company logo on the back of the bowl and plate.

This is a great idea for catering companies that want their dishware "known".  When their dishes are out for rent or use, there is a percentage of folks that lift up and read the bottom (backside) of a plate or bowl. If that is your name there (instead of ours) that is revenue and potential new business to you.

It could say your name and website.

Usually 1 inch square but we can vary the size.

And would say the required:

"Food Safe Ink and also Dishwasher & Microwave Safe"

printing on the back of two personalized bowls
printed art on personalized bowls with matching mug

Custom Printed Pedestal Bowl & Matching Mugs

This is our pedestal 6 inch bowl with the artist design on the outer of the bowl matching the mug. Model 6500-6H size is 6 inch diameter and 3.5 inch in height (table to rim top) 23 oz.

Also below same pedestal bowl with the Mohawk Native Indian pattern and also with its matching mugs!

custom art on personalized bowl with mug to match

Printing around the rim, with old Canadian Coast Guard Seal. Also official Canadian Seal and Canada logo on bottom (underside).

We can print bowls for you too - no minimum. Just not these ones!

Custom Printed Bowls for Canadian Government.

personalized bowls for Canadian government

Custom Printed Recipe INside Bowls too!


Take your favorite recipe or saying or Bible verse or book chapter or saying inside the bottom of the bowl!  These are cereal bowls or soup bowls printed and about 6 or 7 inches in diameter

Custom Printed Recipe or Favorite Saying, Scripture, Book Part inside Bowl

Print in our bowls or send your own!

Although we have an extensive warehouse of ready to print dishware & inventory.  (see our inventory website ) We also have those that send us their dishware for printing.  Now, we do have to "test" them first and there is cost for that, but we do it and it usually works out like this one below.

custom printing on the inside of a personalized bowl

This bowl was about 8 inches and we printed their words both English and Italian around the rim of the INside of the bowl!

5.5 inch bowl for printing

Dessert Bowl. Custom Printed on outside and inside of bowl.

Always Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe

Your artwork or pattern printed on this bowl or inside the bowl as well.

No Minimum Order

Model 9506-5.5


custom printed coupe bowls
Matches our coupe line of printed dishware

6.875" Custom Printed Coupe Bowl (matches our coupe line of printed dishware)

see our printed coupe line

Always Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe

No Minimum Order

Model J047791


Personalized Printed Bowls Done, The Way You Want It

We can print large runs (we have dishware in large quantities) and also small runs of 1 or 2 bowls or plates - we have no minimum.

Soup Plate Are Shallow Bowls With Rims
Soup Plate Are Shallow Bowls Wiht Rims
Custom Printed Soup Plate Side View
Custom Printed Soup Plate Side View

9 inch 10 inch 12 inch custom printed Soup Plates

Used for Pasta, Salad and Serving primarily.  The only bowls with rims and we can print on those rims as well as the outside of the bowl and inside printing of the bowl as well.

Always Food Safe Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe

No Minimum Order

Model 9500S

14 inch large serving bowl
Custom Printed Serving Bowl

14 inch large custom printed serving bowl.

Always Food Safe Dishwasher Safe & Microwave Safe

We can print on the outside of the bowl, and the inside wall and the inside bottom of the bowl can have your recipe or photo printed.

Size is a whopping large 13.67 inch (we call it 14 wide) x 5.15 inch tall

No Minimum Order

Model A2968/B14