Custom Cup and Saucers

We print all over the cup and saucer.

Permanent Ink.

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe.

These are stackable cups & saucers and

come in 8 oz. and smaller espresso sized too

Where do you want your print?  Handle, or Inside - we print all over.

We custom print and personalize espresso cups and saucers.

These can be purchased single print or case lots.  We have no minimum order.

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custom art on cup and saucer
custom printed band around rim of cup

8 oz. cup and saucer of course everything we print on is porcelain and some indoor tile is ceramic. These cups and saucers that we custom print are porcelain.

This says "Prince of Wales" on the handle in a grey colour.

We also printed on the saucer as well, see next photo.

Custom printed hotel cups and saucers Prince of Wales