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Please do the following to upload to us:

  1. Add your email
  2. In the larger box type how many plates you may need also specify the files you are using are for "what" part of the plate. Like face (middle) rim (top/bottom/right/left or all) and underside (back of plate.
  3. Your name/address/phone number
  4. Choose your file(s) and hit near bottom "SendThisFile" and watch the bar showing when it is complete.
  5. If you dont hear from us within 48 hours please contact us 1 855 410 8797 ext 1
  6. Failure to properly give us instructions on what you want to do, will result in files being deleted.
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If you dont hear back from us within 48 hours please call us 1 855 410 8797 ext. 1 or text usĀ  416 410 8797 ext. 1 because we may have missed your file and we didn't know, then please call us.