Toss Your Old Fashioned Ashtray Out and Get Custom Ashtrays That Looks Amazing!

Using your own artwork or company logo transforms our white porcelain ashtrays into a fancy ashtray that looks nice and is usable.

And our smokers LOVE IT!

Custom Printed Ashtrays - Anyway you like it as you design your own!

These are not ceramic ashtrays they are better then that, they are porcelain ashtrays. And even better than that they are printed with your favorite artwork. Before you decide what you want on your personalized ashtray you have to figure out which ashtray you want to buy.

Also if you are looking for our printed plates then Photo Plates are here

Custom Printed Ashtrays - Both Gold Banded or Blank both here and ready to print your logo/artwork.

There are four basic types of porcelain ashtrays two are gold rimmed with porcelain the other two are blank white porcelain without the gold. They come in two different sizes, one of the gold rimmed is square, the other is rectangular. Its the same as the blank white ashtrays they also come square and rectangular.

5.75 inch square white porcelain ashtray

Model J074521

blank white large rectangular ashtray

7.25 inch square white porcelain ashtray

Model J074511

blank white rectangular fancy ashtray

5.5 inch x 4.75 inch rectangular Ashtray with Gold Trim

Model J075011 and size is 5.5 inch x 4.75 inch

custom printed gold trimmed ashtray

7.5 inch x 6.25 inch rectangular Ashtray with Gold Trim

Model J074991 sizes 7.5 inch x 6.25 inch rectangle

gold rimmed blank white ashtray

Some Of Our Printed Ashtray Customer Types

Many or our Custom Printed Ashtrays go to bars or pubs, even in various countries we can get your custom printed ashtray over to you.

Who Buys Ashtrays Anymore - I Thought Nobody Smoked Anymore?

Nevertheless, we've printed logos on our ashtrays for men's clubs and their cigar smoking rooms using it as a cigar ashtray. Additionally, we have sold printed ashtrays to Chinese food restaurants where customers spit out their chicken bones into the ashtray and not on the floors, or just all over the table consequently making the servers annoyed for the extra clean up.

I don't know about you but picking up half chewed chicken bones off the floor is not my idea of a good time this is why they buy our printed porcelain ashtrays its not just for smokers.

Gold Banded Printed Ashtrays

Our gold banded/rimmed ashtrays can be so beautiful that people have them just for show.

Just like the Toronto art gallery bought gold rimmed ashtrays with their artwork for display in the gallery. With their funny animal prints on them because they were making fun with art of pot smoking.  You can see the printed Canada Goose and Racoon smoking something.

Pubs or clubs also have their logos or artwork printed on these ashtrays (either gold or white). They often have 2 different print options like the one on the top has print on face (middle) of the ashtray and also the rim, the other just words /text on the face only (a little less money as well).

Short Video On Printed Gold Rimmed Ashtray

Video showing printed fancy calligraphy on the custom printed gold rimmed ashtray.

This gives the words "cursive writing" an entire new way!

custom printed gold rimmed ashtrays car and restaurant name printed
Sometimes we do two styles of printed ashtrays or mugs or whatever to give 2 different looks
custom ashtray printed with goose
custom ashtray with printing of raccoon