This above print was on gold (24kt) plates, with the
Embassy logo on each plate and bowl.

We can print full logos or pictures on the plates or bowls.
But also IN side a mug or on the rim of a dinner plate.

We can also print small logos or website names on a plate
(or any dishware we have a huge stock) see ...or the back of (underside) of
the plate as well.
Call toll free: 1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797
We Make Food Grade Photo
Printed Plates.
and ALL Dishware...
Paris Group Inc.
Newmarket ON Canada
Buffalo NY USA
call 1 855 410 8797 or 416 410 8797
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See our Printed Photo Mugs
(we even print IN the mug!)
Paris Group Inc. is one of only a handful of dishware full
color food safe printers (that stocks dishes) in the world.
1) Our Printing is 100% Food Grade & Food Safe
2) We give warranties on our print of 10, 25, 50 and 100 years
Nobody gives warranty on print, and nobody prints in full color
on our HUGE inventory of dishware.
3) No Minimum orders, you can purchase 1 or thousands.
4) Full Color Print and up to 1200 dpi (that is clear fine print)
5) We print all over the dishware, from rim to face to underside.
6) We also print on all kinds of mugs from espresso to 20 oz tankard
7) We print all over mugs, from the outside to INside. From the bottom of
the mug to the inside mug bottom...also the handle and underside of
handles too.
What we can print for you:
We Print Like No Other

If you want cheap
mugs, DO NOT call

But if you want the
best, don't hesitate

1 855 410 8797
416 410 8797
Skype: ezeric1